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About Us
Welcome to the Houston Atheists, the world's largest atheist community!

Houston Atheists meet socially throughout the month for many events, at convenient locations throughout the city and suburbs.

In addition to dinners and coffee socials, we go bowling, camping, picnicking, to the beach, bars, movies, parks, and dog parks. We hold parties (such as Rapture, Solstice, and Darwin Day) and regular family fun events.

Houston Atheists also offer opportunities for formal discussion of big ideas and deep questions. We gather to attend various public lectures and host a monthly book club.

If you're an atheist in the Houston area, we invite you to join us!

Houston Atheists is a real community.

In every corner of the greater Houston area, members gather in real life to share coffee, discuss books, visit parks with their children, listen to university lectures, check out the coolest bars, and any other activity you can imagine!

Our online forums ensure that you can stay connected even when you can't make the drive to your favorite meetup.

What We Do
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